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Freight transportation documents and regulations

Various important documents and regulations regarding freight transportation should be consulted before shipping. We have listed useful links on this page to make them accessible to you so you can be prepared! If you have any question, please contact us!

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Bill of lading
Form to be completed and attached to all shipments. Please take the time to read it closely.

Fuel surcharge
Stay informed about fuel surcharges by referring to our website’s home page.

Account Opening

TYT Group

CBSA certificate

Customs self-assessment program

Insurance certificate
Insurance certificate for intermediary transport – transporters and shippers

Fast Express certification
FAST-Express program

CSST registration (worker’s safety & security commission)

FMCSA certification
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certification for trucking accident prevention in the United States

Hazmat FMCSA certification
Certificate of compliance for transporting hazardous goods in the United States

RIN certification
Registration certificate with the Registry of owners and operators of heavy vehicles 

US Customs Bond

PIP-PEP Certification
Partners in protection program in accordance with the CBSA

Preventative maintenance program
In accordance with the SAAQ. Number: #25-9195

US Workers Compensation
United States workers' protection program


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